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My room smells like barbeque sauce.

Is anyone else out there horribly sick? ‘Cause I sure am. Weird smells make me gag. I can’t breathe. Oh well.

The past couple of weeks I’ve tried my hardest to not punch everyone I see. I’m just pissed off at everyone and their stupidity. I can deal with lack of intelligence, but having no common sense irks me.

I sort of failed last night with the whole trying to be a good person thing. sort of. My sister spat at me because I wouldn’t take her to Taco Bell...right in the face. I was totally taken aback. So I did the only thing that I could do. I spat back. Since I can’t properly spit, my saliva ended up dripping down my own chin rather than her’s. Then she punched me in the mouth and got out of the car.

Sometimes I just want to inject her veins with windex.

Yesterday wasn’t all bad though. Actually, it was very good up until that point. I had a good morning, a good nap, and some guy tipped me ten dollars for making his sandwich. Not shabby.
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