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more victimless crimes

2 January
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I once pissed in a cat box.

11 hours of sleep, adrien brody, american beauty, anti ayn rand, anti sex obsessed culture, aubrey blanton, avocados, bauhaus, beatrix kiddo, before i was born, being a recluse, belle and sebastian, billie holiday, blonde redhead, breaking male egos, bright eyes, bucky o'hare, captain america, catcher in the rye, catholism, cheese, chomsky, chris burgess, chuck palahniuk, clerks, conan o'brien, creepy ink drawings, cursive, dead kennedys, doin' it, donnie darko, dreaming, duffman, edward norton, elbert park, elliott smith, etta james, faking everything, falling up stairs, family guy, fast beating hearts, fat kids, fight club, figuring out societal rules, fishhair, franz shubert, frédéric chopin, full inhalers, garbage, ghost world, god, goodfellas, grandpa clothes, grocery cart races, half baked, happy people, having smart friends, hopeless romantics, human behavior textbooks, hunter s. thompson, i'm full of it, ima robot, ironic breakfast cereal, j.d. salinger, jason lee, jeremy renner, jews, jive ass snapping turtles, johnny cash, joy division, kat thomas, kevin smith, kids in the hall, kill bill, law and order svu, looking out windows, losers, love not 'in love', lupin iii, making up words, mallrats, melting things, mira loma high school, mocha coconut iced coffee, moonshine grandpa, mr. manley, my dad, my kitten, nice strangers, nico, nirvana, not being a douche, not being cool, nub love, old family photos, omega-6 fatty acids, pelt, people in general, perverted old dogs, pete and pete, petting o.d., pink floyd, placebo, poetry, psychedelics, psychologically tormenting myself, pulp fiction, quentin tarantino, radiohead, rage against the machine, record store geeks, reservoir dogs, sarcasm, sexual inadequacy, shark week, shooting myself, simon and garfunkel, skinny arms, smelly kids, spoon, sublime, subtle highs, sunday morning hangovers, talking to myself, taoism, teenage mutant ninja turtles, tetris, the dahmer movie, the death of mankind, the gays, the nightmare before christmas, the pianist, the pixies, the shins, the smiths, the virgin suicides, the way you smell, the who, the word "saucy", things left unsaid, tim conway, understanding cab drivers, velvet underground, violent femmes on repeat, wearing dirty clothes, weezer, wet hot american summer, working class mentality, writing, your happiness