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So, you know what the best thing ever is? Finding $50 bucks in a pile of garbage that you were just about to throw out. Oh man, finding money is the coolest.
So how is everybody?
Chris and I live in Portland (OR) now. We're starting school next week...that's pretty much my life. It's nice, green and rainy here, I think I'll stay for a while.
So I started going through my old camcorder videos and I found one of Jen, Robin and I bum-fighting when we were fourteen. When ever you guys come up here we'll have to have a movie marathon or something.
I really like living here. Chris and I went hiking the other day up some huge rock in Washington and I almost fell off of it. Well, I did fall four feet or so, but the rock was 900 feet so I was pretty lucky. It was mossy and wet because it rained the day before so trying to climb up the non-rail guarded parts was probably a stupid idea. Ah well, I'm alive. The only think I don't like about this place are the creepy spiders. They're huge, usually around the size of a quarter, and they make the grossest crunching sound I've ever heard when I -I mean Chris- squishes them.

Well, just wanted people to know that I'm alive.
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