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It’s like dangling on the edge of a cliff, secure in your harness, but you’re not moving. You can’t quite seem to reach the top of the mountain, so you just look down. Everything looks so picturesque from where you are.
You can go about the day functioning spectacularly. You do what needs to be done and end up nowhere.

Part of me died this year. But maybe emotion is like an appendix. We don’t really need it. I used to always compare the capacity of love that one person can have for another with the sonnets of Shakespeare and Spenser. The passion of Beethoven’s symphonies. The beauty of Van Gogh’s paintings.
I failed to realize that we’ve evolved past that. We no longer need love because it doesn’t attribute to the amount of money that we make annually. It doesn’t make cell phones any smaller or computers any faster. It does nothing but leave us with unnecessary obligations. I’m just thankful that I realized this at a young age so that I no longer need to squander my life away reaching the unattainable goal of being loved.
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