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I need to post more often. But until then...

I began the day taking scantly clad photos of phil.

Then I came back and took a picture of my research workbook for no particular reason

Then I was like...”Damn. This chick is hot.” So I took a picture. But oh no! She took one of me first. (Robin)

Phil decided to put his clothes back on, but was preoccupied with the gap in his boxers.

Art ended, and it was time for break, so I started hitting on more sexy women.(Robin and Kat)

Christina looked awfully dashing today, so I captured her soul.

Another tempting lioness. (Emma)

I stalked this kid because of the cool mutton chops.

I also stalk the kid on the left.

Lunch time came around and we decided to meet up near the special ed wing of the school.

Chris got annoyed with the camera, so he decided to walk away [cues Incredible Hulk music].

So we started to follow him as Jimmy danced.

Noting that he ventured off with the anime kids, we cried in despair.

Moving on to fifth period, this is Dan. I took this picture for a very special lady.

This picture was taken after school and... hey! Who’s this ‘tard?

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