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I have never hated my family more than I do right now. They are having some type of "intervention" for my mom, which is totally stupid because nothing will come of it, and they're trying to clean up the house while I'm doing homework. I had to wake up hearing grown women crying and acting over emotional. Shannon and I decided to avoid the whole thing and sat in my room listening in on their conversation only to laugh at them.

This whole invading my immediate family's privacy isn't the issue that I'm most upset about though. I'm doing this report on vernal pools, and my aunt saw me typing it and told me about her experience's with vernal pools. she told me that she visited some last year and all her husband could think about was the devolopment that his company could do out there. That statement makes me want to destroy suburban homes and apartment complexes in order to plant trees and allow streams to flow through the area. Bastard Republicans.
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